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Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorneys


Our Firm is Only Dedicated to Improving Your Financial Situation


Choosing a law firm to represent you when facing a financial crisis could be one of the hardest and most important decisions you can face.


At CROSBY & FOX, LLC, we are a law firm dedicated to bankruptcy and helping clients obtain debt relief. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and educate our clients by helping them understand how filing for bankruptcy can help their current financial situation. We offer a wide range of affordable services focused on various practice areas and can effectively protect your interests throughout the bankruptcy process.

We Stay at the Forefront of Bankruptcy Law


Our founding attorney, David M. Crosby, not only has more than 30 years of experience practicing bankruptcy law, and also is a nationally certified consumer bankruptcy specialist licensed by the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI). Being one of a few lawyers in the legal community to have such a certification, each year Mr. Crosby undergoes 20 hours of ongoing training every year to understand the current bankruptcy laws and ethical standards.


We were also one of the first firms in the Clark County area to assist clients in the new Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program. We have helped clients in the mediation process, taken various cases up for judicial review, and won mediation cases before the Nevada Supreme Court. We continue to help our clients keep their home through the Mediation Process.